May 2018 Weddings, Weddings, Weddings!

ELF sitters is looking towards a busy summer with our ELF’s booked in at lots of weddings.  We still have a few spaces, (including bank holiday August weekend) left if you are looking for a way to entertain the little guests.

Event Nannies.  Book the ELF’s to come along and take care of the little guests.  Ideal for one to one care or for smaller groups of children.

Mobile Creche.  We come along with the event nannies and an arsenal of toys, games and resources to keep your little guests entertained.  We are able to look after all aged children from newborns upwards.

Babysitters.  Worried the children will get tired at the evening reception?  Why not book an ELF to look after them on site or at their accommodation or home!

Drop Emma an email if you would like more details!